In this guide we show you how to invite suppliers to start collaborating on projects. Suppliers join the IAND platform fully free of charge. 

  1. To invite a supplier, go to your Companies page and click 'Invite a new supplier' in the top right. In addition, you can use this direct link to access the invite page. 

  2. Complete the invite on the form by entering the details of the company and contact person that you wish to invite. IAND will send the invitation to the assigned invitee.
    Tip! Please direct the invite to the person who will activate their account. This will speed up the signup process.

  3. Suppliers receives invite. Once you have submitted your invite, IAND will automatically notify your supplier via an invite email. Your supplier only needs to complete a short set of fields to join the IAND platform. There is no cost for suppliers to join. 

  4. We notify you when a supplier is live. You will receive an email from IAND as soon as your supplier has joined our platform. You are now ready to assign your supplier to projects, request compliance documents and more. 

  5. Explore your supplier profile pages. With suppliers live on IAND you can now explore their company level profile pages. You can access these via Companies.

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