Find out how to invite a colleague to the IAND platform, set authority levels and monitor invite status of a colleague at any point in time. 

1. Inviting a colleague

To invite a colleague, click Account in the main navigation bar. On your Account page, click ‘Manage users’. 

Then click ‘Set up a new user’. 

You can also use this direct link to access the invite a colleague page. 

2. Complete the invitation form

Complete the short form to submit your invite. 

Choosing authority level: There are two authority levels to choose from:  

A. Full Access. Administrator level with full access to all features. Usually only assigned to 2-3 users per organisation.

  • Can view, create, and edit all programmes and any projects 
  • Can approve supplier invoices and contract change requests 
  • Can invite new users (from within the company), assign and edit their access level

B. Workspaces & Projects. Recommended for most users. 

  • Can view all programmes and projects
  • Can create new projects
  • Further permissions granted on a project level


The authority level of an invited colleague can be changed at any point, by a Level A user (administrator).

3. Your colleague receives the invite

Once you’ve completed the form, IAND will automatically email your colleague to join the platform. All your colleague needs to do is set a password, and they can then use the platform.

4. Done!

At this point, your colleague will have joined the platform. Your homepage will include a notification each time an invited colleague has joined. You can also view the status of your invite in Manage users in Accounts, where your invited colleague will either be shown as Pending or Active.  

Well done, your colleague is now live on the IAND platform.

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