In this guide we will show you how to setup and activate Project Feedback, our integrated 360°  performance review system (ISO 44001 compliant).

Project Feedback is designed to drive collaboration, track performance and uncover success stories. Activating Project Feedback is easy. Follow this guide to set up project feedback.

1. Choose your project

Project Feedback is captured and managed on a project by project basis. To start the setup, please visit the project page for the relevant project. You can find all projects in your Project Index

Note: We will request feedback from the stated project team, so make sure to check who is part of your team (in case you wish to invite a colleague first, or add a live colleague to the project).

2. Activate Project Feedback

Scroll to the bottom of your project page to find the dedicated Project Feedback module, right above Contracts. This is where you will activate Project Feedback. 

3. Set frequency of reviews

Setup is easy and straight-forward. All you need to do is choose the frequency by which we will collect feedback. You can choose from monthly or quarterly feedback. 

4. Give base level feedback 

With frequency set up, Project Feedback is now active and your project is ready to be reviewed. Your project page will now feature an integrated survey where you can enter your baseline feedback. 

Please give  feedback on recent project performance. If the project is new, please rate according to performance so far, even if very recent. 

Make sure to share positive feedback. This is a great opportunity to strengthen the relationship. If your feedback is negative, be constructive and consider contacting your partner before submitting.

5. IAND will now collect reviews

The IAND platform will send an email to everyone on the project team, requesting each person to provide feedback on this project. Your project team will have one week to provide feedback. 

6. IAND announce the reviews

As soon as reviews have been collected, we send an email to each member of the project team, with a link to access and read the reviews. 

7. Track performance

Once feedback is collected, Project Feedback will be published on the project page for the team to read, discuss and act upon. In addition, client users can view performance scores across Insights, Company Index and Project Index

See who is on each project team by visiting the project page and reviewing names in the project team section in the header.

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