Performance feedback is our integrated 360° performance review system, designed to drive collaboration, track performance and uncover success stories. Each portfolio can tailor their question set, making it easier to respond to changing regulations, client targets and track the metrics that matter to you. Requested* either monthly or quarterly, both clients and suppliers involved in a project can provide feedback.

In this short guide, we show you how you can give feedback on a project. Any Level A-D user can provide feedback on a project, if they are on the project team.

Giving feedback

  1. As a project team member, once feedback is due, you will receive an automated email from IAND, click on the button to provide feedback.

  2. This will open a separate form on the platform.

  3. Fill in the form: The survey is based on a custom question set, and we recommend providing constructive and useful feedback - which will be accessible by both client and supplier teams.

  4. Click Submit.

  5. Done! Everyone on the project team will be notified as soon as the results are in. Both clients and suppliers will have access to the scores and comments on the relevant project page.

Note: The survey is open for one week, ensure you provide your feedback in time.

TIP! Maximise response rates - check the platform to see who has responded from your team. Automated reminders are sent to ensure feedback is completed on time.

*Only client team members can request Performance feedback on a project.

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