In this short guide, we show you how you can give feedback on a project, using 'Project Feedback'. If you wish to set up Project Feedback on a project, we recommend that you take a look at our ‘Setting up Project Feedback’ guide.

1. Introducing Project Feedback

Project Feedback is our integrated 360° performance review system, designed to drive collaboration, track performance and uncover success stories. 

Project Feedback is captured and managed on a project level, feedback can be requested either monthly or quarterly. Anyone who is part of a project team (both client and suppliers) can provide feedback.

Only client team members can activate Project Feedback on a project.

2. Giving feedback

If you are part of a project team, and Project Feedback is due, you will receive an automated email from IAND with a link to give feedback. The feedback survey is placed at the top of your project page.

The survey is short and concise, and we recommend providing constructive and useful feedback - which will be accessible by both your (client) team, and your supplier.

Note: The survey is open for one week, so ensure you provide your feedback in time.

3. Done! 

IAND will notify everyone on the project team as soon as the results are in. You and your supplier will have access to the score and comments on the relevant project page.

Well done, you are now ready to give feedback

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