This guide is for suppliers only

In order to ensure that your client’s requests reach the right people, it’s important to make sure your project team is populated on each project page. Find out how in this guide. 

1. Ensure your colleague is live on IAND

First off, check that your colleague is live on the IAND platform. To do so, visit ‘Account’ in your main navigation and from there ‘Manage users’. There you can see active users, and those that are pending (invite not yet accepted). 

If your colleague is not shown in the list of users, you can invite them to join. Read Invite a colleague guide.

2. Visit your project

You can find the all projects in your project portfolio, available under ‘Projects’ in the main navigation. Click on your programme, and you will see a list of all projects. 

Click the project title to visit your project page. 

3. Add your colleague to the team 

Your project team can be found in the top right hand side of your project page. Click ‘+ Add’ and select your colleague. The title you give them will be shown next to their name on the project page. 

4. Done!

IAND will instantly notify your colleague that they have been added to the project team. They can now start contributing to the project, such as providing Project Feedback.  

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