This guide is designed to help suppliers upload compliance information. Before doing so, you must have a live account on the IAND platform. 

1. Visit your Company Profile

As a supplier, you have access to your own company profile, visible to you and your client only. This is where you upload compliance information. Please visit your company profile, you can find the link in the main navigation or by clicking this link

2. Upload requested information

Click ‘Upload document’ in the ‘Compliance & Contracts’ module on your profile page. 

This will present you with a form for you to enter each compliance submission one by one as a separate upload. This enables your client to review, approve / reject on an item level. 

Note: Please make sure to enter an expiry date when uploading compliance information. This will allow the IAND platform to track expiry and set up automatic reminders.

By completing the above, your ‘Compliance & Contract’ section should look close to this:

3. Await review

Once submitted, IAND will automatically notify your client of your compliance uploads. You will be notified via email of the approval or rejection of each submission. 

4. Review your Company Profile 

While you are on your Company Profile, take a minute to add a ‘Key contact’ and highlight your services offered. This information will be of help to your client both when working with your company, but also when browsing for potential suppliers. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the IAND support desk. 

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