In this guide we introduce you to Project Index, a core part of the IAND platform that helps you browse and search all projects.

An overview

Project Index can be accessed via the top navigation of the IAND platform. Once on the page, you can see all projects that are currently in place on IAND. 

Project Index allows for sorting of key information such as Budget and Performance, allowing you to quickly see projects with the highest spend, and with the highest / lowest performance.

Searching for projects
The search bar lets you search across, Project name and Supplier name

This is a fast and effective way to explore all projects from a certain supplier.

The source of projects
The projects you see derive from imported files provided to IAND by your organisation.

Adding projects
We regularly import data for our clients, to ensure that spend matches your payment system. Adding of projects usually takes place by an import file provided by your finance department. If you cannot see your project in your Project Index, please contact

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