In this guide we show you how to manage multiple portfolios on IAND. A great way to separate financial tracking of separate divisions, joint ventures, frameworks and seconded projects.

An overview

The IAND platform is designed to offer visibility, impact and control across a set of programmes, a rich supply chain and project portfolio. 

But because we know our customers see benefits of IAND across a range of ways of working, we now make it possible to manage multiple portfolios with one Enterprise account.

Benefits of multiple portfolios

  • Control access: decide who has access to key financial data and project performance and risk

  • Portfolio specific tracking: track spend, compliance, impact and more across a specific set of programmes

  • Drive revenue: use IAND to increase framework sales opportunities, with no overlap over partnership / framework specific portfolios

How to add a portfolio
Please contact your IAND account manager or to learn how to add a new portfolio to your account. This will depend on the account plan chosen by your organisation. 

How to switch portfolio accounts

Navigating between portfolios is easy. 

  1. Visit your homepage. If you have access to two or more portfolios, you will find a link called 'Switch portfolio' in the dark grey banner.

  2. Click on this link and make a selection from a list of your accounts.

  3. Once you have made your selection you will arrive on the homepage of your chosen account. 

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