The importance of an effective supplier ecosystem

SMEs are the biggest driver of productivity in infrastructure and construction, with a staggering 190,000 infrastructure and construction SMEs in the UK. This presents an incredibly opportunity for UK engineering client organisations to build effective supplier ecosystems - making it easier to work with the right talent, drive impact and drive mutually beneficial growth. 

The challenge of fragmentation
Most industry organisations have an existing supply chain, but value is constrained as information on suppliers is fragmented, making it hard to have visibility on suppliers performance and skills, contract and compliance history and data on actual delivery performance. Manual KAM processes used, but data held locally and held by individual account leads. 

This makes it difficult for project managers to source suppliers for projects, to select the best team for that particular job, as they lack visibility outside their own network.

The SME opportunity.
The IAND platform is designed to help UK engineering clients build effective supplier ecosystems, that can be accessed throughout an organisation, to aid project managers in finding the best skills, and help quality and assurance teams ensure the right documents are in place.

IAND supporting visibility, impact and control

The IAND platform lets you access your full supplier ecosystem on one secure, cloud-based platform. Forming a private marketplace that is visible to your organisation only, where you can search and browse the right specialists, drive performance and hold up to date compliance information. 

As a client user, you will have access to all companies in your ecosystems. Supplier companies can be invited to join, but only have visibility of their own profile page. 

Benefits of using IAND

Full visibility into companies, projects and spend
Our dedicated Company Index page gives you one central place to view and access information on all companies. 

  • Explore your full supplier ecosystem in one place, searchable and easily accessible within your organisation

  • See all projects undertaken by a supplier, the budget, spend and recent performance

  • Understand which suppliers are approved for future work, and which should no longer be used.

Each company that you add to the IAND platform will have its own dedicated profile page. You can choose to invite your supplier company to join IAND (suppliers join for free) to help them showcase their core information, products and services. More on company pages

Track impact derived from your supplier ecosystem
With growing regulatory requirements to demonstrate SME spend, we have made it easy to give insight on the impact you have made across your ecosystem. 

  • Visibility into spend allocation by SMEs v Large suppliers. Helping you monitor your spend levels against UK Government's 33% SME target.

  • Capture real, financial return from innovative supplier projects. 

Enhanced controls.
Our platform is designed to make it fast and efficient to work with your supplier companies, and ensure the right documentation is in place.  

  • Helping you build a compliant ecosystem - instantly see which suppliers have up to date compliance information in place, request and track documents, and minimise administrative efforts with our automatic compliance expiry reminders.

  • Signal which suppliers are approved for further work. Our dedicated 'Company categories' give your teams instant visibility on a supplier's suitability of new work, helping your project manager navigate your ecosystem effectively. These categories can be customised to suit your individual organisation's needs. See guide

  • Reduce risks by monitoring Companies House status, updated every 24 hours.

Examples of supported use cases

A Project Manager is looking for a great architect
Project Managers can use our Company Index to search and look for a suitable company, in this example, a trusted SME architect. Here is how IAND can help:

Visit the Companies page, and explore supplier profiles:

  • Browse / search to find architects within your ecosystem

  • Review performance: how well has each supplier performed on recent projects? Performance score is based on our integrated 360° project feedback tool. 

  • Review assigned Company Category: Is the supplier approved for further work? Or does your assurance team state that the supplier is not fit for your business?

  • Check Companies House status: is the supplier live or perhaps facing financial difficulty?

  • Check 'Internal notes': what have your comments fed back on the supplier?

  • Explore your supplier's profile, and the products & services they have showcased. Does this fit what you are looking for?

If you have found a company that you would like to explore for work, please follow existing internal processes.

QSSE team needs to ensure all suppliers are compliant
If your QSSE team is responsible for overall supplier compliance, we have the right tools to help ensure compliance information is up to date and tracked across your portfolio as a whole. 

Ensure compliance by: 

  • Request compliance information from a supplier's profile. Read guide

  • Monitor approval rates in your dedicated Compliance Report 

  • Once you deem that the required information is up to date, update the Company Category to reflect this. Read guide. (Note, this is not prescribing a workflow, but illustrating how IAND can be used)

Management need to understand impact of spend
Management can use our dedicated Insights report (read guide) to view spend and impact metrics on a portfolio level. 

IAND can provide clients with dedicated reports, to track current compliance status, and overall monthly account status. Please speak with your account manager for more information. 

Getting started

Brand new customers: import your data to IAND

In order to complete your Company Index, we advise our clients to import up to date information directly onto the IAND platform. Your data will be reviewed and populated across the platform. 

There are multiple ways of importing your information to IAND. Please contact your IAND Account Manager to discuss the best and most effective approach.

Once imported, determine which suppliers to activate

Suppliers in your Company Index can be shown in three platform status: Private, Invited and Live. 

By default, all imported suppliers are shown as 'Not set up'. This is a private mode where you can view and manage some supplier information. 

Invite a supplier to join the IAND platform. Once your supplier has accepted their invite, you will be able to unlock a range of new features. Detailed guide

The supplier experience

Suppliers join IAND for free. When a supplier joins IAND, they can view their company profile and update it, they can also see projects which they are collaborating on. 

A supplier cannot access your Companies page or see other supplier profiles. 

More detailed guides:

If you have any questions relating to your supplier ecosystem, please contact 

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