In this guide we introduce company profile pages, holding key information on each supplier in your supply chain. 

Example of a supplier company page.

An overview

Each company that you see in your Company Index has its own dedicated company page. Here you can find out more about each company:

  • Key company information: Information provided by the supplier company, often including their key point of contact, description, key products and services and more

  • Overview of projects + spend + performance: view all projects assigned to this supplier, including spend and performance

  • Compliance: request and manage compliance information such as Public Liability insurance and Health and Safety documents. 

Company Pages are automatically created when we import a new supplier to IAND.
You can make use of a number of Company Page features, such as applying a category, but it's only when a supplier has been invited to join and accepted their invite, that you can utilise the full range of features. 


  • Make informed decisions: Company Pages help your project managers quickly assess a potential supplier. Have they worked with your organisation in the past? Are they a high / medium / low performer? 

  • Reduce time and risk: Company Profile pages make it easy to see which compliance information is already in place, approved and up to date, saving both you and your supplier time and resources when working on multiple projects. As a Super user you can create and manage a set of tailored compliance requests across your supply chain.

Detailed information on features

Header: Company information

The information you see at the top of the page, shown on a white background, is primarily supplier driven and only becomes available when your supplier has accepted their invite. 

  1. The title and description is entered by your supplier

  2. Company category: this is set by clients (you!). Find out how in this dedicated guide. This helps client organisations give visibility on suitability of work: is the supplier a key partner? Do you advise against working with them? Company categories are not visible to your supplier. 

  3. Products & Services: Populated by your supplier, to showcase to you their areas of expertise. 

  4. Companies House information: This section is populated when clients provide IAND with the Companies House registration number against a supplier. This information is updated on a supplier level daily.


The information shown in the 'Financial' module includes the latest spend captured on the IAND platform. 

Making it easy to instantly understand if this supplier is a high-spend partner, or one which you may contract frequently but on low-spend projects. 

As well as projects and spend, we also show the overall supplier rating on that specific project. Designed to share visibility on a supplier's performance within an organisation, and help project managers evaluate potential success of future projects.

Compliance & Contracts

As soon as your supplier is live on IAND, you can start requesting and uploading compliance information. You can find out more about how to request compliance information in this dedicated guide

This table will allow you to track any requests, any items for review, and the verdict of each compliance document with full automated audit trail. 

  • Saves time for your project managers to evaluate which documents are in place

  • Keeps documents accessible across all your colleague users on IAND (rather than documents held in inboxes)

  • Automatic expiry tracking - as soon as an item expires we will notify your supplier to ensure your documentation remains up to date.


This is a private space for your organisation to manage information about the supplier, including documents, notes and links.


This section is populated by your supplier, a place for them to showcase experience and success with you. This may include links to recent press coverage, awards won or other information that they deem of interest to you. 

Finally, the full profile where you will find information on each supplier colleague that they wish to share. 

We hope this has been useful reading. If you would need any assistance, or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us on

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