The IAND platform makes it easy to enter, monitor and track financial return on investment across innovation projects on a portfolio level.


Every project that has enabled Innovation tracking (read guide), is tracked on a portfolio level in a dedicated report 'Innovation Investments'.

Innovation Investments can be found in Insights.

Innovation Investment - the report

This report includes all projects marked as Innovation. Spend, budget, performance, ROI forecast and outcomes all derive from each relevant project. 

You can access each project directly from the table. 

The summarised statistics help you get instant visibility into current forecast across your innovation projects. 

Ways to make full use of Innovation Investments

There are no set rules on how to best use Innovation Investments, but here are a selection of ways that the report can be used to drive visibility, impact and enhanced control of your portfolio on a spend level:

  • Turn the report into a discussion point. With visibility on your portfolio as a whole, is your forecast as expected? Are outcomes heading in the right direction? How does your supplier's performance impact your ROI outcomes?

  • Analyse supplier performance. Is there a correlation between spend and performance? Who are your star performers, and which project spend are they assigned? 

  • Innovate on how to increase ROI. What can you do to influence ROI? Which projects are falling behind and need special attention? What can you learn from high performing projects? 

Innovation Investments become especially powerful when projects are regularly updated. So we recommend that your team is comfortable and confident with updating project ROI on a regular basis. 

We hope you found this guide helpful. If you have any further questions, contact IAND on 

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