Your Companies page lets you explore your supplier ecosystem on IAND; understand spend and performance, search for specific suppliers or services offered.

Found in the main navigation bar, Companies consists of suppliers that have either been manually invited to join IAND, or been included in an export from your finance system / ERP. Explore suppliers by list view or an interactive map, making it easier for you to find and work with local suppliers. Learn more here.

Only you and your colleagues have visibility to your list of Companies, it is not a public and not visible to your suppliers. 

Finding & browsing suppliers

Using the search bar
Use the search bar when you know the name of a supplier, or when you are looking for a service such as 'architecture'. Example searches:

  • 'Architecture' - when you are looking for a service or expertise

  • 'Supplier A' - when you know the name of your supplier

When narrowing down by service, expertise and account status.

Use our filters to narrow down your selection

  • Platform status: a choice of three options, depending on whether supplier has been invited to join IAND

  • Company category: the default set are four options, but these can be customised by client. Set on supplier profile pages, company categories makes it easy to only view suppliers authorised for use in your organisation.

  • Offices by region: Entered by your supplier, when they populate their profile.

  • Office type: Entered by your supplier or imported from Companies House. The location of the suppliers Head office, Registered address and Other office locations.

  • Where they work: Entered by your supplier, locations of where they work.

  • Services: This filter includes a set of services, that your supplier can self-categorise from. Note: Your portfolio will either use the IAND default set of services, or a bespoke set requested by your admin.

  • Sectors: As per 'Services'.

  • SIC Code: The service code stated on Companies House, per supplier.

  • Co. House status: Information available via Companies House, highlighting a range from 'Active' to 'Liquidation'.

  • Company size: Based on size recorded on Companies House.

Understand supplier status

IAND is a collaborative platform, and we give you the opportunity to invite each supplier to join IAND (for free) to collaborate with you on projects.

Platform status
Each supplier in your Company Index states the current platform status to the right of the table. 

  • 'Not set up': Supplier has been imported, but has not yet been invited

  • 'Invited': Your organisation has invited the supplier to join IAND. 

  • 'Live': Supplier has accepted invite, which unlocks new features such as Compliance handling and Project Feedback.

Any user within your organisation can invite a supplier at any point (see guide). 

Company category
Categories can be used to communicate suitability for future work within your organisation. Set on a company level, these can be customised on an organisation level to fit your business best. (see guide)

Light-touch account management

You can use company profiles for light-touch account management, with visibility into projects, spend and performance. Understand what level of approved compliance information is available, and whether the supplier is marked fit for future use. 

This use case is best supported when your supplier is live, when you can view:

  • Key point of contact (when added by supplier)

  • Description, Region, Products & Services (when added by supplier)

  • View 360° performance score on projects

  • Request and manage compliance information - read guide 

In the case of suppliers not yet being live on IAND, you can still get value and visibility on a supplier:

  • Companies House status

  • Ability to assign a category i.e. 'Authorised' or 'Do not use' read guide

  • Ability to view total spend, and access individual projects

  • Ability to add internal notes on the supplier, visible to your colleagues only

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