Projects on IAND are designed to give you visibility of spend, help collaborate with your supplier, track recent performance and more. In this guide we will walk you through key features of project pages, and how to enable these. 

Supporting live + not yet live suppliers

Projects have two key states:

  • Live, with a live supplier

  • Live, with a not-yet live supplier

The difference between these states is that some project page features are only available when your supplier is live. 

Image: project page with a live supplier

Accessing project pages

You can access project pages from your Project Index ('Projects' in the nav bar), or from an individual company's profile page.

Project page features

Project header
The header of each project includes key information including:

  • Project start and end date

  • Project description

  • Project team

  • Budget & spend

  • Performance

  • Innovation outcomes

Click 'Edit project' to add information to your header. 


This section shows three key stats:

  • Budget: as entered via 'Edit project' in your project header

  • Total spend: the sum of your financial history

  • Remaining: Budget minus spend

In addition, 'Committed' will display when an added contract includes a financial amount. 

The 'Financial history' will include one row for each spend import from your financial system / ERP. Note: For clients that use manual invoicing, this is where you will find your supplier's submitted invoices for you to review and approve. 

Financials also includes 'Timesheets', which can be activated on a project level. Read guide


The innovation section captures the benefits from your innovation projects. Innovation can be activated via 'Edit project' in your project header. Read guide

Note: this module is private to your organisation, and is not visible to your supplier. 

Project Deliverables

This module lets you manage documents relating to your project, with the ability to upload documents yourself, or request from a colleague. 

Use for visibility and accessibility of key documents. 

Project Library

Share project related links with your supplier and colleagues. This can be links to external project management applications, press releases and more.

Internal updates

Designed to support updates that you want to make visible to your colleagues only. Add text, request and upload documents. 

Project Feedback

Project Feedback can be activated on any project with a live supplier. Choose to activate on a monthly or quarterly basis, on which IAND will send requests to project team members to complete feedback on recent project performance. 

IAND will notify both parties when the results are available, which will be made visible on the project page. Read guide on activating Project Feedback.

Project Contracts
Add original and subsequent contract changes to your project page. An added contract needs to be approved by the partner e.g. if you add a project contract, your supplier need to approve it for it to be marked as approved. 

When activated, Project Contracts helps track changes, and make for complete transparency for both client and supplier on what has been agreed. 

If you have any questions on project pages on IAND, please contact

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