This guide is written for when you have already invited a supplier and are looking to understand status of outstanding invites. Please read this guide on how to invite a supplier to join IAND. 

Review your pending invites

You can view all pending supplier invites on your Companies page, under 'Pending invitations' in the banner, a dedicated table which lists all supplier companies that your organisation has invited, but have not yet accepted their invite. Note: this link is only visible when you have one or more outstanding supplier invitations.

If you need to remind your supplier

If you wish to remind your supplier of their invitation, or perhaps invite a colleague from the same conversation, simply click 'Remind' and you'll see the screen below.

This gives you the choice to click 'Remind', to send a reminder of the invite. Or you can click 'Send to another person' which gives you the opportunity to enter a new name and email address that you think the invite should go to.

If you have any questions on how to check outstanding supplier invitations, please contact 

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