Did you know that you can request compliance information from your live suppliers? To help bring visibility into the current status of your compliance requests we have built a dedicated report, that is available here. You can find the link in the coloured bar on the Companies page. 

What's included in the report?

Your summary

The Compliance Report includes all suppliers that are live on the platform. The information in the banner shows summarised information based on your live suppliers. 

How does information get populated?

All suppliers that are live on IAND will be shown in this report. The table columns below relate to this information:

  • Company category: this categorisation is set on a company page level. Read guide

  • Compliance status: this relates to the information in your 'Compliance' module on each supplier's company profile. 'Not requested': no compliance requests have been made. 'Fully approved': all compliance documents for this supplier are approved. The number shown relates to the number of items. 'In progress': this supplier's profile contains items which have been requested / uploaded but have not yet been approved.

  • Total spend: The total spend amount of all projects for this supplier. Source: project pages. 

  • Awaiting supplier submission: Number of compliance items which have been requested but where supplier has not yet submitted information. 

  • Expired: Number of compliance items which are expired. 

  • Pending approval: Number of compliance items which are available for review by your organisation. Note: this only includes items which have been requested (not uploaded).

Ideas on how to maximise value

  • Use the two filters above the table to filter your results. That way, you can explore suppliers where there are active but not yet approved compliance requests. 

  • Use the 'Compliance status' filter to only view suppliers where compliance items have either not yet been requested, or is in progress. Then sort the 'Total spend' column to sort your list by spend. 

If you have any questions on the Compliance Report please email support@iand.com. 

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