The Portfolio section of the IAND platform makes it easy to get visibility into programmes (groupings of projects), including top level information as well as risk status. 

What is Portfolio

Portfolio is its own dedicated part of IAND, where you can get full oversight into Programmes. Programmes is a grouped set of projects, such as division, area of focus or supplier grouping. Visit Portfolio

This helps provide easy overview, reducing the need for spreadsheets, to understand the current performance, financials, progress and risk status of each programme. 

What is a Programme

A programme is a set of grouped projects. You can customise each programme to include programme title, description, reference, start and end date. You can also give visibility on status and risk.

Each programme page includes a set of modules:

The 'Financial and risk status' module automatically populates from every included projects, including percentage of projects over budget, and projects where Project Feedback is not yet activated. 

The 'Your supplier projects' module lists all included projects, with key information and direct links to access each project.

Note: The mapping of projects to a programme usually takes place when IAND imports financial data from your organisation for the first time. 

If you have any questions of Portfolio and Programmes, please contact

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