The IAND platform is divided into a set of key areas and pages:

  • Companies - managing your supplier companies, including compliance

  • Opportunities - set challenges, manage bids and frameworks

  • Projects - browse individual projects, manage performance and more

  • Portfolio - visibility of projects on a programme and portfolio level

  • Insights - management reports

  • Account - manage your personal details and invite colleagues

You can access these key pages via the top navigation links. Below is a short guide for each key page:


The homepage lets you see outstanding actions, and see any outstanding supplier invitations. Read more here


On your Companies page you can view all supplier companies that have been added to the IAND platform. This lets you browse, search and filter your suppliers by map or list view, and access individual company profiles. Read page guide.


Opportunities is where you can manage bids, challenges and frameworks within your IAND portfolio. Any live supplier in your Company Index can be invited to join a bid / mini tender. Read more here.


Project Index is where you browse and search projects that have been added to the IAND platform. Project Index contains a snapshot of each project, with direct links to access project pages. Read page guide

Portfolio & Programmes

Each project is assigned to a programme, and all programmes can be viewed on your Portfolio page. This is where you can see summarised information across your entire project portfolio, programme status and any risks. Read guide


Insights is where you can find management reports, summarising key metrics across your portfolio. Insights is split into three key areas: Financials, Impact and Performance. It is also here that you can find your Innovation Investments, our dedicated innovation ROI report. 


This is where you can manage your personal profile, and your wider organisation's account, including inviting colleagues and accessing data imports. Read page guide

If you have any questions on how to get started using IAND, please don't hesitate to contact us on

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