Projects on IAND come in two different states:

  • Project with a live supplier (all features)

  • Project with a not yet live supplier (reduced features)

In this guide, we show you what you can do with project pages, even if your supplier is not yet live on the platform.

When your supplier is not yet live on IAND

As soon as your project is live on IAND, you have a range of features to explore - even if your supplier is not yet live (or you may never intend to invite the supplier). 

Enter project information

When on your project, click 'Edit project' to see a range of options to start populating (or editing) your project. 

This will populate your project header, to help bring internal visibility into a project. 


Even if your supplier is not yet live on IAND, you can still enable Innovation tracking and start capturing returns. Start by clicking 'Edit project' in the project header, to enable the Innovation tick box. 

Once done you can start capturing forecast and actual innovation outcomes. Read guide

Internal updates
Share internal content and request internal documentation. This module is only ever visible to your organisation.

Project features available when your supplier is live

  • Timesheets: timesheets can be activated per project, but requires your supplier to be live

  • Project Feedback: the 360° project review system requires both client and supplier to be live. 

  • Project Contracts: contracts can only be added to a project when your supplier is live. This is because project contracts require the other party to approve an uploaded contract. 

  • Project Deliverables: as this feature is set up to enable document sharing between client and supplier

Inviting a supplier

You can invite a supplier to join IAND directly from your project page. You will see an 'Activate' link in the project header next to your supplier's name. Click the link and complete the short invitation form. 

If you have any questions on project features and functionality when your supplier is not yet live, please contact 

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