Your suppliers that join IAND (free of charge) have a similar but not identical platform experience as client users. In this guide we want to showcase what your supplier sees and has access to. Useful to be aware of when you are collaborating with your supplier on IAND.

What suppliers can access

Your supplier can access:

  • Their company profile. A supplier can see a reduced version of their profile, to enable them to promote products, services and respond to compliance requests. A supplier can only ever see their own profile.

  • Opportunities they have been invited to. A reduced version of what you as a client have access to.

  • Projects. Any imported projects where they form the supplier team. Suppliers cannot create their own projects. 

  • Account. Enabling suppliers to invite colleagues to join.

Top navigation for suppliers

Company profile

Suppliers can only access their own profile page (you as a client can view all company profiles on IAND), where they can update their profile, respond to compliance requests and showcase their experience and capabilities. 

The main difference on this page is that suppliers does not have access to the Financials module, which presents all projects, spend and budget shared between you and your supplier. 


Your supplier can only access their own projects, and see a reduced version of project pages. 

Features available to clients, but not to suppliers:

  • Innovation: suppliers do not have access or visibility into financial ROI of a project

  • Project budget: only visible to client users

  • Ability to edit a project, such as setting project name or start date

  • Internal notes: no private notes can be left by suppliers

  • Deliverables: suppliers cannot request documents from a client

Features shared by client and suppliers:

  • Project details: project name, start and end date, visibility into project team.

  • Financials: spend amount.

  • Project Deliverables: visibility of uploaded or requested documents.

  • Project Library: links shared by either party.

  • Project Feedback: ability for supplier to provide regular feedback scores, and visibility into final scores. 

  • Project Contracts: original and any subsequent changes to contracts and value.

Image: example of a project page, as seen by a supplier.

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