Build your project team

Visit your project and just above the grey Financials section, you will find the spot where you can add team members. Click '+ Add' to add team members to your project.  Note: If you cannot find the person in the available list, simply invite them to join the platform. Read guide

Update project details

Please click 'Edit project' to the right of the project header to complete the available fields:

  • Add project description

  • Add or edit budget

  • Add expected project end date

Add business case & documents

Scrolling down the page, use 'Internal Updates' to add available business case documents. These will be added to your project and will only be visible to your organisation (not your suppliers). Examples:

  • Request documents & updates from colleagues

  • Upload business case & project documents 

Capture Innovation ROI Guide

The 'Innovation' module allows you to capture forecast and actual financial return on investment i.e.: 

  • i.e. “Productivity savings” £95,000

We hope these tips have been helpful. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact

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