Your client teams can now use Opportunities to issue bids, challenges and frameworks, supporting their full end-to-end supplier management.

As a supplier it's easy to respond and engage. When your client invites you to an opportunity you will receive a notification via email. You can then:

  • View and manage all your opportunities in your Opportunity index
  • Receive bid materials, including updates to deadlines
  • Receive updates
  • Send and receive direct messages with individual clients
  • Issue proposals, with integrated approvals & notifications

We recommend that you invite your Business Development lead to join your account, so that they can receive notifications on new opportunities from your client. There is no charge for this and no limit on the users you can have.

Three ways that clients can use Opportunities

Opportunities has been designed to support the different types of opportunities you receive from clients - from bidding for a place on a framework, responding to an open innovation competition to a traditional mini-tender.

Bids and mini-tenders

Opportunities makes it easy for clients to run and manage bids, providing one home to store the bid information, updates and submissions.

Bids and mini tenders will have a deadline and you will be expected to submit a proposal. You can do this via the opportunity page - where you can also send private messages to your client. For example, to ask a clarification question.

Your client will use the platform to review your submission, automatically notifying you of the status of your proposal.


Clients running frameworks want to share core information and regular updates with all suppliers. Your client may invite you to join a framework as a way of sending information to the whole supply chain - for example an invitation to a meet the buyer event or a quarterly update.

A framework won't have a deadline and it's likely you won't need to submit a proposal. You can send private messages about the framework to your client via the opportunity page.

Challenges and competitions

Clients may ask you to take part in a competition or an open call for innovation ideas.

Your client will explain the terms of the challenge and competition on the opportunity page. For example, whether there is a deadline or whether submissions will be reviewed ad hoc.

You can submit a proposal via the opportunity page and your client will use the platform to review your submission, automatically notifying you of the status of your proposal.

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