Our ‘Location’ feature makes it easy for you to find local suppliers by simply browsing a map. It is now available on your Companies page, where you can switch between List & Map view.

We have more information on how Location can help you evidence your local SME supply chain and hit new client and government targets on social value here.

Browsing the map

  1. Go to your Companies page to view the Map.

  2. Use the “Office type” filter to select the types of offices you want to show: Headquarters, Other offices, or the Registered address. [Note: if you select both the Headquarters and registered address you might get duplicate records].

  3. Click on a cluster to see an area in more detail.

  4. Zoom in using the +/- buttons or by scrolling your mouse. Click and drag to pan around the map. Tip! On mobile, use two fingers to pan or pinch and zoom.

  5. Select a single point to identify the supplier and view a snapshot of their profile. From the snapshot, click the supplier's name to open their complete company profile in a new tab.

  6. When there are multiple suppliers in very close proximity, you can use the scrollbar in the snapshot to identify each supplier.

  7. Search for a specific supplier from the search bar above the map. One supplier can have multiple office locations on the map.

  8. Use the filters to narrow down your search. Look into one or more regions using the Offices by region multi-select filter. Select SMEs using the "Company size" filter.

  9. Easily switch between Map and List view using the buttons next to the search bar.

If you have any questions, get in touch with our Support team.

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