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Level A users can now create and manage a set of tailored compliance requests bespoke to your portfolio, as well as request custom documents at any time. The Compliance request presets page is accessible from your Super user resources page.

What is a compliance preset

A compliance preset enables you to create a standard compliance document request form that your teams can issue to suppliers (this can include attaching documents). For example, Professional Indemnity Insurance, or requesting policies such as Modern Day Slavery.

How to create a new preset

  1. Go to Account and select Super user resources.

  2. Under the Supplier Management heading, select Compliance request presets.

  3. Click on Create a new preset. Enter a title, clear instructions on how a supplier can submit compliance documents, the appropriate category, the number of days until the deadline (upon creation of the compliance request) and supporting documents.

  4. Click Create preset.

  5. The new preset will appear in the Compliance request presets Index page.

TIP! You may edit or delete a preset at anytime. This does not effect presets that have already been requested.

Using titles to organise your presets

The title is public to your suppliers and included in the notifications that they receive. We suggest creating a simple reference code for your team before the name of the request i.e. [Core] | [document type], [Full] | [document type] or [Client] | [document type] where there is a client specific requests i.e. for the MOD.

Testing your presets

To test if your preset request has been set up correctly and to test the experience for your teams:

  1. Go to a supplier's profile page.

  2. Scroll down to the Compliance & Contracts module and click Request document.

  3. You will now see the list of preset documents you have set up.

  4. Check that the deadline makes sense (if you have set up 7 days, this automatically sets a deadline for 12 noon in 7 days from now).

  5. Note: do not click submit unless you want the supplier to be notified and given an action.

  6. Note: once one of the presets has been issued, this document remains on the drop down list, but is shown in grey and cannot be selected a second time for that supplier.

  7. Click Submit.

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